Meet the Team: Jules

Meet the Team: Jules

If you've ever rang or emailed us chances are you've spoken to Jules, our office ninja. She's the real star of the show keeping the rest of the staff team right (and making sure we get paid on time), and most importantly making sure we get out working with all of you.

It's time to meet the one and only Jules Rhys - Office Ninja/Team Mum


Tell us a bit about yourself? 

Jules has been involved with Beyond Adventure almost from the beginning, her technological expertise has made her an invaluable and longstanding team member. Jules is the glue that holds together the Beyond Adventure team. She is really active and likes to hit the slopes when the snow is about and enjoys long distance biking journeys with good friends. Journeying and exploring are her passions and she keeps the team well fed with her delicious baking. Jules used to teach Maths and Computing so she is the perfect person to keep the Beyond Adventure office in good order. 


PFD snack aka Pocket munch? Wine Gums


Favourite Adventure Food? Pesto Pasta with pine nuts 


Favourite Adventure Drink? On adventure, tea or hot water but when I  get home a nice  and very cold Sauvignon Blanc from the Malbec region in New Zealand to enjoy while I reflect on the highlights of my latest adventure!


Something you can’t travel without?  My phone so I can keep in touch with all of my friends and family. 


Favourite place for adventures? For me its the people I am adventuring with, rather than he place or the activity I am doing. Unless I’m Skiing then I’ll be happy anywhere with decent snow! 


What is your Beyond Adventure*? Sharing outdoor adventure with others and helping them discover and then facilitating their journey in the outdoors and adventure sport.


A place you really want to visit? Introducing people, especially other women to the wonders of journeying and expeditions on Bike. 


When you were 6 what did you want to be when you grew up? A Doctor was so I could help people. 


If you could life in one season forever which season would it be and why? I love all of the seasons but my favourite is the most defined in each year. So a cold and snowy Winter; a fresh and bright Spring; a warm and lazy Summer; or a crisp and cool Autumn.



*The name Beyond Adventure illustrates our ethos that there is more to outdoor activities than simply thrills and spills.  'Beyond' can refer to whatever you choose:  extending your skills through professional coaching, a deeper appreciation of the natural environment, taking time to enjoy more fully the outdoor adventure experience


You will find our activity centre by the River Tay on the east side of Aberfeldy

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