Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge: Saturday 21 September 2019

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Welcome to this exciting event delivered by Beyond Adventure and Still Going Strong Events.  We are delighted that you have chosen to be a part of this and are looking forward to hosting both adventure sports enthusiasts and those putting their toes in the water for the first time. This family friendly event offers an opportunity for everyone to get involved.  Aberfeldy and The Tay Valley has some of the best scenery in Scotland, particularly at this time of year in early autumn creating a stunning backdrop.

The Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge is a circular 14 km Run/Hike from the picturesque Highland Perthshire Town of Aberfeldy to Kenmore followed by a 13 km paddle back to Aberfeldy. 

We are Proud to work with our local Partners



The Course

The route delivers some spectacular Highland Perthshire scenery. Following your event check-in at Beyond Adventure, Riverside, the race start is on the front lawn of Dewars Whisky Distillery.


Athlete guide overview


Aberfeldy Start of Run/Hike : Distance 14km

Adventure challenge run section




Athlete guide paddle map


You can enter as:

  • Solo
  • Pairs (complete the river section in doubles canoe or kayak) - Within the Pairs event are 2 special categories
  • Relay (one person for the land section and one person for the water section)

Solo competitors should be 16+ years old.

The event is designed to allow a competitive element alongside a participation element. The competitive event will be timed and eligible for prizes while the participation event is untimed and not eligible for prizes. You need to tell us at the time of booking if you want a timed run or not, there is a section on the entry form to do that.


We welcome entries from pairs. On the run/hike sections pairs should be no further than 100m from each other and on the river section travel in the same kayak or canoe.

Following on from the success of our ‘adult & child’ category for our 2018 event we will promote this category again. Parents take the decision as to whether or not their child is old enough to take part.

New for 2019

Additionally our brand new ‘Schools’ Category allows young people of secondary school age to compete for their school.


We welcome relay entries, Relay category entrants will be two members, one run/hiker and one paddler with changeover/transition at Taymouth Marina. Relay category entrants will have a different bib colour

Allowable craft

All categories of paddlesport craft are allowable from racing kayaks through to paddleboards. The boats paddled down the river section of the event prescribe which category participants compete in. i.e. tandem crews must paddle an accepted doubles craft.  Canoes, kayaks, stand up boards and sit on tops will be available to hire from Beyond Adventure.

Hire Costs are : Kayak, SUP £10  -  Sit on Top, Open Canoe £20

Please email us at the BA office to book your craft :

Training/Practice Opportunities

We have set aside 3 dates for training opportunities before the race day.  
Come along and have some coaching on the river with one of the BA instructors.

Dates are :  24th & 25th Aug and 7th & 8th Sept

The costs for these practice days are £55 per person or £100 per pair per day.

Event Fees

  • Solos: £40.00
  • Pairs: £60.00
  • Relay: £60.00
Prizes are awarded as;
  • Solo
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Male
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Female
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Male U18
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Female U18
  • Pairs in Tandem Craft
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd
    • 1st Adult & Child
    • 1st School
  • Relay
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Key things you need to do to before taking part

Register and pay for the event here.

Read the information on protecting the environment about biosecurity and follow the link to “Check – Clean – Dry”. It is every paddler’s responsibility to turn up at the start with a canoe or kayak that is both clean and dry, so that no Invasive Non Native Species enters the River Tay.

Read the Event Safety and equipment guidance within this document to ensure yourself and your equipment including boat are properly prepared and equipped in advance.

Read the Event rules within this document

You must check-in in person.


Key Timings


Saturday 21 September
Boat Drop Off Opens 08:00- Closes 09:30 At Kenmore Hotel - riverside
Check-in Opens 07:30 – Closes 09:30 At Beyond Adventure, Riverside
Event Briefing to all athletes 10:15 At Start Line Dewars Whisky Distillery
Event Starts 10:30 At Dewars Whisky Distillery
Side Events Program Starts 14:00 At Beyond Adventure
Event Prize Giving 16:30 At Beyond Adventure
Celebratory BBQ  17:00 At Beyond Adventure


Event check-in is located at Beyond Adventure, Riverside, Aberfeldy, Perthhsire PH15 2EB turn in at 40mph/derestricted speed sign leaving/arriving eastern side of Aberfeldy

Opening Times:

Saturday 21 September, 07:30 - 09:30

At check in you will receive:
  • Your race bib
  • Boat sticker
  • Athlete wrist band (gives you access to all event areas )
  • Event T shirt

Start and Vehicle Logistics

All participants are responsible for taking their boats to Kenmore Hotel on the morning of 21 September 2019. Boat drop off will be open from 0800-0930 and boats, buoyancy aids and helmets will be checked at this time. Having deposited your boats, cars will be parked at Beyond Adventure, Riverside, Aberfeldy, Perthshire PH15 2EB where the race will start and finish.

There are toilets available at check-in.

Safety and Equipment

The safety of participants and our volunteers is paramount. The Run/Hike section is off road for the majority of the route. You should wear appropriate footwear, E.G. Good quality Running or Fell Running shoes, or Hiking Boots/Shoes.

Please ensure you were appropriate clothing to the weather conditions and carry nutrition with you in terms of energy drinks and bars. There will be no drink or feed station on the route but there will be water available at the paddle transition at Taymouth Marina.

All participants are required to provide a buoyancy aid and helmet. Remember that the weather can be cold in September and it can be wet and windy therefore we expect participants to have appropriate clothing with spares for the river section. Closed cockpit kayaks and open canoes must have additional buoyancy and end loops fitted. All equipment will be checked for suitability when dropped off at Taymouth Marina.

Safety cover will be provided at Chinese Bridge and other sections of the course. However, the majority of the course you will be on your own.

The race will be supported by a sizable and professional Course Marshal, First Aid and Water Safety Team. How to summon assistance will be described at the pre-race briefing.

There will be a Race Control office at The Beyond Adventure by the river, Emergency contact details will be published in the final race information, and at the pre-race briefing.

General River Information

The Tay is the biggest-volume river in Britain, passing through beautiful scenery. The entire river is flowing, fast at times. There is a rapid section from Chinese Bridge to the confluence with the River Lyon, where the standard reaches Grade 2. Here there are standing wave trains which will capsize an open canoe or open cockpit kayak if the correct line is not taken.  There will be safety in place and, in the event of a capsize, our experienced team will fish you out. Our recommendation is that novices paddle sit on top kayaks which are available for hire and are easy to clamber back on to in the event of a swim.

We recommend two guidebooks that cover this section of river:
  • Scottish Canoe Touring
  • Scottish Whitewater: 2nd edition

Both are available from the Scottish Canoe Association ( or any reputable bookseller. Participants unfamiliar with the river might wish to consider a guided reconnaissance – see the Scottish Canoe association website or elsewhere for possible providers.

Race Recce Opportunity (for the river section)

Beyond Adventure are offering participants the opportunity to take part in a guided recce of the course on various days during 2019 for just £40 per head. Call Beyond Adventure on 01887 829202 or to book.


General Medical and Safety 

In the event of an Emergency or Injury alert another competitor or race marshal. If there is neither in close proximity stay calm and wait for the sweep team to meet you.

In the event of an emergency or serious incident to either your team or another team (we expect you to all take care of each other as part of the spirit of the race) ensure that one person stays with the casualty and another is sent in the direction of the race to the nearest marshal who will alert race control. If you are carrying a mobile phone as part of your race kit call 999 and follow up with a call to event control.


Side Events Program

Beyond The Tay Adventure Challenge is also delivering an exciting side events program which includes:

  • Come Try Paddle Sports sessions
  • Indoor Climbing Wall
  • Boat and Equipment second hand sale (participants can bring their own items to sell)
  • Bouncy Castle

Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge 2019 Race Rules and Fees

The Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge is delivered by Still Going Strong Ltd and Beyond Adventure Services Aberfeldy Ltd.

  1. The Event will be run under The Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge Rules and such rules as the Event Organiser decides to implement to ensure the safe and successful organisation of the event. The Event Organiser may make a ruling at any time and on any matter not specifically covered under the Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge Rules prior or during the event. Any such rulings will be contained in the Pre-Event Notes or will be announced at the Start. Any rulings by the Event Organiser are final.

  2. No entry will be accepted unless submitted through The Beyond The Tay Adventure Challenge online entry system here or an Official Entry Form.

  3. Paddlers taking part should be of a sufficient standard to complete the river section. For novices, we recommend hiring sit on top double kayaks (available to hire from Beyond Adventure.

  4. The Event Organiser reserves the right to accept or reject any entry if, in the opinion of the Event Organiser, the entrant is ineligible, unfit or incompetent to participate in the event or if the entrant’s equipment does not comply with the Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge Rules or is otherwise unsuitable.

  5. The Event Organiser is empowered, if deemed necessary in the interests of safety, or otherwise, to limit the number of entrants in specific classes and if this right is implemented, to accept entries in order of receipt of entry form.

  6. The Event Organiser is empowered to modify or cancel specific classes and courses depending on conditions e.g. river level, weather etc., or the event itself if required.

  7. By submission of an Official Entry Form it is considered that entrants and their supporters are acquainted with the Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge Rules and rules that may be included in the Pre Event Notes. It will not be considered a defence, excuse, or mitigating factor that someone was unaware of the existence of a rule.

  8. All participants must ensure that their allocated Event bibs are clearly visible throughout the event

  9. All boats must be fitted with either buoyancy bags/blocks which must be securely fastened to the boat or other secure buoyancy. Any buoyancy bags fitted must be inflated. Competitors in all classes who do not comply with this rule face possibly being refused access to the event by the organisers, or being disqualified.

  10. All boats (with the exception of marathon K1s and K2s) must be equipped at each end with a grab handle or equivalent (for open canoes end loops must be attached through the hull). Wild Water Racing boats and marathon K1 and K2 boats shall follow regulations regarding the specification of their boats.

  11. Participants must be able to free themselves immediately from their boat at all times.

  12. All participants (with the exception for racing K1 and K2 paddlers) must carry an approved helmet for the duration of the event (so they can’t discard them to a friend after checking). All those in closed cockpit boats must wear their helmets for the duration of the event. The event organisers very strongly recommend that ALL participants wear helmets throughout the duration of the event. The only helmets approved for use will be those carrying a current CE mark.

  13. Each participant must wear a buoyancy aid which carries a CE mark (BSEN393 or ISO12402) and which provides 50N or more of inherent buoyancy. Inflatable buoyancy aids which operate automatically or require user action to inflate are not considered suitable for this event.

  14. Participants who are under 16 must be accompanied whilst on the river by a parent, guardian or nominated adult, except those who are appropriately listed on the British Canoeing Marathon, Slalom, or White Water Racing Ranking Lists at the time of entering the event. Refer to the Organiser for more information and for individual authorisation.

  15. Equipment checks will take place at boat drop off. Participants failing to present their craft and equipment for checking will not be allowed to start the Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge. Participants whose equipment does not meet the required standard will not be able to start the Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge.

  16. All participants must comply with the spirit and intent of the Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge. This includes obeying reasonable requests from Beyond the Tay Adventure Challenge officials.

  17. Any participant seeing another participant in real danger must render all assistance possible.

  18. In the event of a capsize, participants may be assisted by other participants or event safety crew from the water and receive assistance in emptying their craft in preparation for re-entering the Event.

  19. Interference by any participant or support crew member with the Rescue Teams or the safe operation of the event is liable to immediate expulsion from the event.

  20. Any participant withdrawing from the event for any reason MUST notify Race Control as soon as possible.

  21. Entrants must compete in a craft comparable to the class indicated on a submitted entry form and start the event within the selected class.

  22. The Event Organiser’s decisions relating to classes, dimensions, type of craft, non- acceptance of an entry, etc. will be considered final.

  23. Any participant may receive assistance from supporters in the matter of First Aid, sustenance, change of clothing, help with repairs, replacement of faulty or damaged equipment including paddles, but not the replacement of the craft itself. In the pairs category of the race team members must be within 100m of each other on both the run/hike and paddle section.

  24. Entry fees are non-refundable.


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