Our Green Policy

Our Green Policy

We are passionate about the outdoors and sharing the beautiful wild lands of Scotland with our partners and customers. We also realise that this access comes at a cost. At Beyond Adventure we take care to reduce the impact in the environment, it is central to our ethos and the way we work.

To minimise our impact and any damage we might cause we:

  • aim to be responsible visitors to an area and to camp with a Leave No Trace ethic
  • our vehicles are now modern and cause less pollution and achieve higher mileages than older vehicles
  • encourage and educate people on how to travel lightly

In the Office, we work hard to be responsible and aim to follow the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle : We

  • recycle paper whenever possible
  • use proper crockery not paper or polystyrene cups
  • have recycling bins for cardboard, paper, food and plastics
  • try to wear more clothes rather than having the office heating on high 
  • our new canoes are delivered in large amounts of plastic and bubble wrap - this is all passed onto be reused by two local businesses, an art gallery and a thrift shop.


Trees For Life

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Trees for Life.

In 2019 we have made a pledge to offset our annual carbon footprint by planting native trees in the Scottish Highlands. This also has huge beneficial factors to the local wildlife and ecosystem. To find out more about this fantastic charity visit - https://treesforlife.org.uk.

Official Plastic Patrol Partner

We’re proud to be recognised as an official Plastic Patrol partner, helping to deliver clean ups in our community as part of a global network. Plastic Patrol was set up in 2015 by adventurer and environmentalist, Lizzie Carr (aka Lizzie Outside) who paddle boarded 400 miles - the length of England -  raise awareness of the damaging impact plastic pollution in our waterways, recording everything she encountered in a global map. 

Fast forward to present day and Plastic Patrol has more than 150 official reps worldwide and alongside efforts from volunteers we’ve helped remove almost 300,000 pieces of litter from nature. Everything is recorded in the Plastic Patrol app, adding to a global evidence base that is used to campaign at industry and government level. 

Plastic Patrol’s target for 2020 is to pick up and record one million pieces of litter - and all our clean ups will count towards this target. 
To view the latest litter report from Plastic Patrol click here or if you want to get involved with a clean up visit https://plasticpatrol.co.uk/clean-ups/ and follow Plastic Patrol on Instagram or Facebook for the latest clean up news and updates. 



You will find our activity centre by the River Tay on the east side of Aberfeldy

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