Our Green Policy


Our Green Policy

We enjoy taking people into the outdoors to have fun adventures but we also realise this comes at a cost to the environment.

To minimise our impact and any damage we might cause we:

  • aim to be responsible visitors to an area and to camp with a Leave No Trace ethic
  • our vehicles are now modern and cause less pollution and achieve higher mileages than older vehicles
  • encourage and educate people on how to travel lightly

In the Office, we work hard to be responsible and aim to follow the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle : We

  • recycle paper whenever possible
  • use proper crockery not paper or polystyrene cups
  • have recycling bins for cardboard, paper, food and plastics
  • try to wear more clothes rather than having the office heating on high !
  • our new canoes are delivered in large amounts of plastic and bubble wrap - this is all passed onto be reused by two local businesses, an art gallery and a thrift shop.



You will find our activity centre by the River Tay on the east side of Aberfeldy

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